diy: pop tab bracelet

With the Twilight craze going on, I’ve been seeing a lot of Kristen Stewart and her soda pop tab bracelets. Major DIY inspiration you think? I am excited to present my first DIY accessory.

What you will need:

  • About 20-25 pop tabs
  • Two different ribbons, shoelaces work as well, about a foot long. (sizing may be different depending on how big or small you want the bracelet to be)
  • Scissors

The pattern is pretty simple as you can see on the left…weaving the ribbon is the tricky part but a repetitive pattern. These steps are the exact same for the top and bottom holes of the tabs.

  1. Insert ribbon through the first tab hole.
  2. Place a tab underneath the first, weaving the ribbon through the bottom tab and back up through the first tab. This creates the beginning of the chain.
  3. Place the third tab next to the first and on top of the second. Weave the ribbon over the side of the top tabs to connect them, weaving it through the whole provided by the tab on the bottom and the third tab.
  4. Place another bottom tab and weave the ribbon through the top hole of that tab as well as the top of the third tab. (Step 4 turns into step 2 and the sequence of step 2-4 continues).

To finish the bracelet, I cut the edges of the ribbons on a diagonal so they do not fray. Tied in a bow to secure on your wrist and viola!!!

Happy DIY’ing



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