diy: gold glittered heels

A few weeks back, I posted about my recent inspirations of gold. After much time needed, I finally got a chance to create these beauties. Thanks to the tutorial from I SPY DIY in InStyle Magazine and here on their blog, the idea was a must DIY to share.

What you will need:

  • A pair of heels (I chose a pair of red suede Jessica Simpson’s that needed a face lift)
  • Gold glitter spray paint
  • Clear top coat spray paint
  • Tape (I chose duct tape but recommend masking tape)

Start by taping off all areas of the shoe that you do not want the gold glitter on. If you desire, spraying the platform of the heel would look just as well.

Follow the instructions on the back of the spray pain can. Spray about 10-12 inches away, trying to cover the heel evenly. Let the paint dry some. A second or even third coat will be needed. Once completely covered and dry, spray a coat of clear to seal the glitter.

***For a fun touch, I lightly misted the red suede with glitter…just a little added touch of pizzaz 🙂


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