neon friendship

A perfect time to purchase a friendship bracelet would be when shopping with your bestie…that is exactly what I did yesterday. Neon is a huge fad right now and I’m sorry to say I had not jumped on it till the moment I handed over the card to purchase this Juicy Couture ID friendship bracelet. Bright, shiny, pink, a crown, rhinestones = a girlish find that can’t be passed up. A great addition to the wrist candy shall I say. Of course this purchase was a pick-me-up “must have” after hearing some not so happy news. After a good 8 years, my poor little iBook G4 has left me. In the words of the Genius Bar fellow, my computer is “ancient”. Like a little baby, I gave him a curled lip. How does a blogger who adores her Apple products not have an Apple laptop anymore? Thank goodness for the mother’s computer or else I would be out of luck. So as you can see, this purchase was just what I needed to turn my curled lip upside down!!!

On top of my fabulous find, Juicy had more DIY inspiration then I could possibly imagine. See here and you will understand.


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