spotlight: scarves

Michigan’s weather has completely changed and I’m starting to realize that not so many layers are necessary. Normally around this time there is snow on the ground, but I’m not complaining that I’m seeing grass even though it is still brownish-green. No matter what the day brings, a scarf can always be thrown on to complete the look. It has become my favorite accessory and even came in handy during my trip to Dallas in 70 degree weather. Christian Siriano always said there should be one piece that you make your signature…I believe I have found mine.

(silk paisley print from thrift store)

(Old Navy infiniti)

(square houndstooth from Windsor)

(traditional scarf)

(DIY scarf made out of old t-shirt)

(DIY machine roll hemmed scarf)

If the traditional scarf is more your thing, change things up by tying it in different ways. Which one of these is your fav? Check out these five scarf folding videos via REFINERY29.

(click on image to enlarge)

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