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Old Navy sunnies

Watching the Julie & Julia marathon is such inspiration to move forward on my blog. Don’t you just love the idea of Julie’s blog? I wish I was a great cook. With creativity flowing like crazy, I decided to start sharing some of my random favorites throughout the week….almost like a photo diary, I guess you could say. Mostly fashion of course, but a little bit of everything from my daily activities. ENJOY!!!

new lip finds

Chicago skyline on my trip to Milwaukee

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We all LOVE Instagram and its become so addicting, that I must share with you all my favorite recent instagraming finds. I’m always sharing my own photos, but why not just follow me on Instagram right? Just search courtesyofmoi on your smartphone or on Webstagram here!!! So after many hours of browing, here are some of my most favs at the moment!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!






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aviation inspired

On a semi cool day, it’s a thin leather and my favorite crinkle chiffon scarf that I turn to. An aviation inspired outfit never gets old. Leather boots, leather jacket, tight skinny jeans, and neutral colors…don’t forget the aviator sunnies. Have you noticed how clothing continues to repeat history? I think I was suppose to be born in the days of pinup girls painted on the side of a fighter pilot’s plane. Outfits like these are what gets me excited about fashion. How do you theme your outfits???

(what I wore: old Forever21 jeans & jacket seen here, Harley-Davidson top, Fergalicious boots seen here, sunnies seen here, Vera Wang bag seen here)
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easter floral

As I continue to experiment with mixing prints, stripes and florals have become my all time fav. There’s something that is so timeless about these two prints and together they just fill my fashion heart with joy. Easter was such a beautiful day, so what better way to compliment it with yellow skinnies and bright shoes (that I barely get to wear because they are oh so tall). Moments like these make me appreciate, even more, that I’m a girl!!!

P.S. These photos were taken by my 6 year old niece!!!

(what I wore: skinnies seen here, H&M scarf no longer available, similar Forever21 top here, Forever21 heels, Forever21 & Charming Charlie accessories)

harley-davison dealershow: day 3

Ok so this scarf has made an appearance for all three days of the dealershow but living out of a suitcase is not something I’m used to. I guess I should have lived up to Rachel Zoe’s advice of “options, options, options”. The flats yesterday sure made an impact and I realized that being a heel lover, my feet have surprisingly got used to them. I pulled the Fergalicious boots back out (seen here), threw on another pair of leggings and went on my way happy as a clam. With leggings like these, simplicity everywhere else was the ticket…kind of get that Steven Tyler vibe don’t ya think? With inflight WIFI on the way back to Michigan, I’m thinking my first weekend trip of outfit posts via Harley-Davidson gear was pretty darn fashion forward. What do you guys think?

Happy weekend loves xx

(Forever21 top & scarf seen here, Harley-Davidson leggings, Forever21 cardigan, bracelets seen here and here, Forever21 earrings)
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diy: studded collar

After much time needed, I’ve finally got the chance to do another DIY to share with you all. I’m so excited about this one because I just can’t get enough of studs lately and it’s becoming a little out of hand. Then again, maybe that’s not a bad thing. You can’t really go wrong with an easy DIY that says “I’m not afraid to strut in rocker chic attire”…

What you will need:

  • Pyramid studs
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Collared button shirt

I could not find studs at the moment, so I chose this Project Runway faux leather strip with studs on it and took them off to use. Of course the easier route would be to purchase the studs either in the store or online here.

Line up your first stud parallel to the collar neckline stitch. Make sure to place it about 1/8″ away from the roll line/crease so it is able to fold when wearing. Once in place, poke prongs through shirt.

Flip collar over and carefully press prongs down with pliers to secure stud in place.

Place the next stud about 1/4″ away and repeat steps of pushing stud through fabric and securing with pliers.

Place studs from one side to middle of shirt, then start on other end and meet in the middle to make sure placement is even throughout the row. After the first row is done, start another row at the edge of the collar following the same steps. Create a middle row to fill in and…


I can’t wait to see who has tried this and how it turned out. Please email your photos to comoiblog@gmail.com and comment about your thoughts!!!

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diy: gold glittered heels

A few weeks back, I posted about my recent inspirations of gold. After much time needed, I finally got a chance to create these beauties. Thanks to the tutorial from I SPY DIY in InStyle Magazine and here on their blog, the idea was a must DIY to share.

What you will need:

  • A pair of heels (I chose a pair of red suede Jessica Simpson’s that needed a face lift)
  • Gold glitter spray paint
  • Clear top coat spray paint
  • Tape (I chose duct tape but recommend masking tape)

Start by taping off all areas of the shoe that you do not want the gold glitter on. If you desire, spraying the platform of the heel would look just as well.

Follow the instructions on the back of the spray pain can. Spray about 10-12 inches away, trying to cover the heel evenly. Let the paint dry some. A second or even third coat will be needed. Once completely covered and dry, spray a coat of clear to seal the glitter.

***For a fun touch, I lightly misted the red suede with glitter…just a little added touch of pizzaz 🙂

diy: jewel tone earrings

Although these Forever21 earrings are way beyond affordable, after reading this button earrings post and finding these perfect gems, I just knew I had to share this DIY that was brewing in my head. The bright jewel tones this time of year scream “Holidays” don’t you think?

What you will need:

  • 2 jewels
  • 2 earring posts with earring nuts
  • glue (E-600 is amazing!!!)

        1.  Place a small amount of glue onto the flat surface of the earring post.

        2.  Place the earring post, centered, on the back of the gem.

3.  Place finished earrings on gem side, to dry, for about 30 minutes.

4.  Wear/enjoy/give away as a great Christmas gift!!!